Exterior cladding: Here’s a good choice for green building projects…

Weathertex weatherboards on a house

June 28, 2017

By: Sam Crothers

As a Building Biologist, I’m often asked about options for green and healthy building cladding. One of the products I recommend is Weathertex weatherboards (or siding). Here’s why:

1. Weathertex weatherboards are 100% natural, made from 97% timber and 3% natural wax. The timber comes from sustainably managed forests and controlled reserves, and it’s sourced from suppliers within 200km of the manufacturing facility.

2. The International Living Future Institute, which coordinates a range of healthy and sustainable building initiatives, has included Weathertex weatherboards in the Declare Label database. Declare labels provide full disclosure about product ingredients – good for anyone looking for product transparency. Declare says the timber weatherboards (and architectural panels) made by Weathertex are ‘Red List Free’ which means there are no commonly-used harmful ingredients like asbestos, PVC or Halogenated Flame Retardants (HFRs) in the products.

3. Unprimed Weathertex weatherboards are ‘Platinum’ rated by Global Green Tag (a product sustainability certifier), and primed weatherboards are ‘Gold’ rated. Global Green Tag has four levels including Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Gold is ‘Excellent’; Platinum is ‘World Leading’.

4. Unprimed weatherboards also come with a Product Health Declaration (PhD) from Global Green Tag which highlights “very low” user and worker exposure to “carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxics or endocrine disruptors”. The health of manufacturing workers is often forgotten when it comes to building material safety, so the information about worker exposure is really good to see.

5. Weathertex weatherboards are guaranteed for 25 years. Although the Declare Label says that 100% of the product will be added to landfill at the end of the product life, the Environmental Product Declarations (see here and here) prepared by Global Green Tag say a 30% recycling rate can be expected. According to Global Green Tag, any unprimed or primed product that goes into landfill is 100% non-hazardous.

Weathertex weatherboards are available in a range of profiles – smooth or “ruff sawn”, and they suit a variety of architectural designs including modern and traditional buildings. They’re made in Australia – which means that use in Australia will minimize the environmental footprint – but the product is also available offshore. For more information, see the link below.

(Unsponsored content; Image via Weathertex)

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